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Unit 7

Practise words (1-16)

Words 17-27


Vaatasime videot kooli asjadest. Kuna see on ameerika video, siis siin on RUBBER asemel kasutatud sõna ERASER.

Watch one more video about school things.

Number song.

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Morning activities.

Watch a video  and sing along!

Daily activities.


Lihtolevik (reegel)



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Practise BE GOING TO

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Preffixes / Suffixes

Do these exercises.

Reported speech

Request negative

English Drama Festival

On Saturday English Drama Festival took place  in Võru. Students of our school participated in it. 

Pancake time

Here you can watch our performance.

I thank our actors very much!

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Plural form (mitmus vorm)

Learn the rule.

Harjuta siit.

Plural exercise

Match singular nouns with plurals.

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Unit 6 My friend

Listen to the text and read it at home. 
Ex. 3, p. 38 tb

Harjutused harjutamiseks.

Year-four students wrote about their friends.

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Unit 6

A year - five student described her friend.
For larger view click on the text.

Learn new words.

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Halloween invitation posters created by the 6th-formers.

Karl-Markus Hannust
Villu Kõva
Mattias Antsov
Kristjan Lüüs


The presentation "Los Angeles" in form 8 is over .
You can see well-prepared works.
The first three winners are Karl - Gustav Vaab, Marge Kons and Kristjan Sok.

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Alphabet  (tähestik)
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. In the English ABC there are no letters with dots or dashes as in the Estonian alphabet (Õ, Ä, Ü, Ö)
 A  [ei]
                                          B [bi:]
                                          C [si:]
                                          D [di:]
                                          E [i:]
                                          F [ef]
                                          G [dʒi:]
                                          I [ai]
                                          J [dʒei]
                                          K [kei]
                                          L [el]
                                          M [em]
                                          N [en]
                                          O [əu]
                                          P  [pi:]
                                          Q [kju:]
                                          R [a:]
                                          S [es]
                                          T [ti:]
                                          U [ju:]
                                          V [vi:]
                                         W [dʌblju:]
                                          X [eks]
                                          Y [wai]
                                          Z [zed]
Listen to the ABC songs.


Do the task.

Harjuta siit:

Play the ABC game 
Game 2

Memory game

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Los Angeles

Emazing presentations are created by the 8th formers.

Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze

My dreams in 2040

The 6th formers have created emazing presentations on topic "My dreams in 2040". Have a look.

 Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze
Powered by emaze Powered by emaze Powered by emaze

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This is / These are; Mitmus vorm

Tunni alguses kordasime sõnu teemal "Family" ja võtsime uusi sõnu.
Seletasin mitmuse vormi moodustamist.



Nüüd me oskame moodustada lauseid, mis algavad This is / These are

This is a girl.

These are girls.

This is my horse.

These are horses.

Watch a video.

Õppisime, kuidas on sõbra, ema, isa nimi. Selleks  kirjutatakse sõna järele `S.

My mother`s name......
My father`s name........
My friend`s name........

Õpilased jutustasid oma perest piltide ja fotode järgi.

This is my mother. Her name is...........
This is my father. His name is.............
This is my sister. Her name is..............
This is my brother. His name is ..........

Unit 5 India

Before you start doing the exercises revise passive modals here:

Incredible India

Watch a video.

Learn the new words.

Phrases with prepositions U.1-5